Consumer participation

Community input into the planning, design and delivery of the project is essential to create a welcoming facility that meets the health needs of the community well into the future.

That's why we are seeking enthusiastic consumers who:
1. Are passionate about improving health facilities and access to health services for everyone in and around Dubbo
2. Have used the Dubbo Hospital or any cancer services in Western NSW within the last five years as a patient or carer
3. May need to access our health services in the near future
4. Are part of an organised community or interest group

If you fit any of the above criteria, please fill in our participation form to register your interest in participating in our consumer consultation. 

Participation form (download PDF)

Please note: Registering your interest does not confirm your involvement in our consultation program. Your details will be kept on file by the project team who will contact you if we identify a suitable consultation opportunity for you. Your privacy is important to us and our privacy policy can be found at the bottom of the participation form.