Surgical Unit linkway project

In 2019, the project team had the privilege using Sarah Dugan's landscape series "Badland" for display in the public link-way of the new Surgical Unit. Her three artworks from the series were digitised into large wall decals running along the length of the link-way, making the space vibrant and unique.


Sarah Dugan is an Australian artist who explores various aspects of landscape and its relationship with culture, history and mythology. Inspired by frontier stories from families of rural Australia and early explorers, Sarah contemplates ‘The Outback’ and how it feeds our cultural and geographical imaginations. 

Sarah Dugan, Lolleep, from the series Badland, 2013 
Lolleep Is an exploration of psychogeography. It investigates the relationship between culture, mythology, imagination and identity of place. It is particularly inspired by the weird melancholia described by Marcus Clarke and other early writers who depicted the strangeness of the Australian frontier. 

Sarah Dugan, Bakhara, from the series Badland, 2013
Bakhara considers the psychogeography of the Australian landscape, looking to the significance of the culture of the “road film” and its relationship to our geographical imagination. 

Sarah Dugan, The Lake, 2017 (pictured)
The Lake contemplates the significance of the horizon to the cultural imagination of Australian identity. The vastness of our landscape is iconic, sublime and dangerous. It has stirred our imaginations throughout our history, frequently featured in Australian literature, Film and the visual arts.