About our program

Internationally renowned urban artist Fintan Magee has been selected by the DHS Arts + Culture Committee to engage with the local Aboriginal community in the creation of a series of large scale murals for the DHS building façade.

Internationally renowned urban artist Fintan Magee has been selected by the DHS Arts + Culture Committee to engage with the local
Aboriginal community in the creation of a series of large scale murals for the DHS building façade.

The link between art and health outcomes around the world are now well documented. Hospitals internationally and across Australia recognise the importance of art in the psychology of healing and wellbeing. The value of the arts in health has been acknowledged in Australia by the National Arts and Health Framework and more recently in the NSW Health and The Arts Framework. This documentation have guided the arts and culture strategy for the Dubbo Hospital Redevelopment Stages 3 and 4.

Our Approach

  • Looking at how the art program can contribute to the whole identity of the hospital site, imbuing it with unique identity and sense of place. Integrating art into hospital’s spaces, adding a layer of beauty and narrative to the concept of wellness.
  • Development of a diverse range of art experiences, applied in strategic locations, designed to soothe, relax and delight. Providing a solid foundation upon which to build a welcoming environment for patients, families and staff.
  • Reviewing stakeholder consultation documentation and liaison with local creative industries including The Western Plains Cultural Centre.
  • Providing value for money through streamlined procurement methods, developing artworks to be used across multiple sites and engaging the community to create collaborative artworks.
  • Developing projects which will contribute to cultural, social and environmental sustainability. Including artist professional development, capacity building, mentorships and educational opportunities.
  • Developing art projects which meet national benchmarks for art and design in a hospital setting.
The Dubbo Hospital art strategy aims to deliver a cohesive and complimentary collection of artworks which address priority sites and focus on the needs of patients, staff and visitors within the Dubbo Hospital catchment area.

Four major artwork projects have been approved by the Hospital’s Arts + Culture Committee:

Project 1. Reaching Out
This project involves the commissioning of a large suspended kinetic sculpture for the hospital’s main entry and large atrium space. The artwork will be designed to create a warm and welcoming experience for patients, visitors and staff.
Thematically, the artwork will reflect the huge catchment area of the hospital and its role of treating patients from near and far. The theme of Dubbo hospital as a healing centre for the greater Western Plains region is of particular significance to this project.

Project 2. Safe Haven
This project involves commissioning a contemporary mural for the large vertical walls facing the main entrance and carpark. The artist will incorporate natural elements such as rivers and plants into their design. This project seeks to make a positive and uplifting first impression for those arriving at the hospital.

This project aims to capitalise on the huge popularity of contemporary urban art around the world (and increasingly in Australian regional towns), it also provides a cost effective and high impact building treatment.

Project 3. Friendly Faces
A photographic project where an artist travels throughout the DHS catchment area to capture portraits of the wider community. This project involves using the rich colour palette of the local natural environment to display familiar faces of regional health workers, elders or other recognisable community figures. Portraits would be presented in a contemporary format, on large canvasses, framed prints and integrated wallpapers in rich colours. The objective being to convey a feeling of optimism and familiarity.

Project 4. Nature + Healing
A fine art project where original artworks by collectable artists are created specifically for the hospital spaces - this would include original artworks for prominent locations and digitisation of imagery for integrated wallpaper and privacy glazing.
This project pays tribute to the importance of the natural environment, the sun, waterways and bush landscape as an intrinsic part of the healing process in Aboriginal mythology.

Images of outdoor spaces and details of plants and river vegetation in and around Dubbo will be applied by an artist through print, photography or paint mediums used through patient lounges and clinical areas of the hospital. On a small scale, these images would be framed but on a larger scale, images could be applied to walls through the application of large scale graphics.

For more information out abour Arts and Culture program please contact our arts consultants:

Creative Road
Rebecca Townsend